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Baking systems

Efficiency and quality in Baking

B​aking is the actual cooking of the bread. It is done in many types of ovens and varies greatly depending on type.

Baking should be done on an ideal environment. Depending on Baking time, Baking temperature, Baked product, Energy preference,  How the product baked and served and of course Capacity we try to propose the Best fit oven from our wide range of ovens with different baking principles and different features. 

Thanks to our extensive knowhow for baking much more strong with different product baking experiences for long years. 

Being the first manufacturer in Turkey for Rack ovens and Shop ovens make us more confident.

Baking is the final step in making yeast-leavened (bread, buns, rolls, crackers) and chemically-leavened products (cakes, cookies). It’s a thermal process that uses an oven, which transfers heat to the dough pieces via:

  • Conduction through heated surfaces

  • Convection through hot air

  • Radiation from heat sources such as flames

The heat in turn activates a series of physicochemical changes, responsible for transforming the raw dough into a baked good with a firm, dry crust and a soft  crumb.

BARTECH Baking Oven Range

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Stone Deck ovens

Modern Digital Watch

Electric Deck ovens

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Convection ovens

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Tunnel ovens

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Pizza conveyor ovens

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Drying ovens

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Tailor made industrial ovens

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