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Baking quality

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Baking quality is a broad concept that involves:

-Baking tests such as gassing power, gas retention, mixing tolerance/stability, and water absorption

-Assessment of loaf volume, texture and crumb grain structure of finished products

-Small production runs to adjust formulation and processing

-Sensory evaluation of baked goods

Depending on the finished product and processing conditions, wheat flours need to comply with specifications

-Composition: protein, ash, moisture, bran particles, non-starch/cell wall polysaccharides or damaged starch

-Post-harvest enzymatic activity

-Post-milling treatment: malting or enzyme supplementation, enrichment, bleaching, maturing

-Particle size

-Interaction with ingredients such as water

-Rheological behavior: starch pasting, shear thinning properties, batter viscosity

-Processing: mixing and leavening performance

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