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BARTECH Intermediate Proving machine proves dough coming from dough rounding machine for a while and then transfers them to the molding machine or to another place for different operation. This is the first proving step for dough coming from dough rounding machine.

Dough transferred to baskets from inlet of Intermediate Prover passes to the next basket by means of direction channels. This operation goes on throughout the number of cycle according to the model.

Different variations are available for industrial lines for different proving times , dough types and capacities.

Also high capacity and high precision industrial models are available for different applications.



• Different capacity and proving time alternatives
• BAR30/154,BAR30/280,BAR30/400 models for different Bowl quantities
• Plastic, washable, and easily changeable prover pockets
• Plexiglas inspection window
• Teflon or felt clothing for dough contact surfaces
• Galvanized machine chassis
• Ease of opening for stainless steel side panels
• Easily portable to any place by means of wheels
• Modular design
• Different sizes and applications
• Alternative models for industrial production



• UV lamp
• Hot air blowing
• Invertor control
• Inlet belt (controlled)
• Outlet belt (controlled)
• Dual inlet-outlet


  •   BAR 30 / 280
    Proofing Capacity 2000-2500 u/h
    Proofing Time 8 min
    Dough Weight 100-1000 gr
    Bowl Numbers 280
    Width 1750 mm
    Depth 1780 mm
    Height 2230 mm
    Weight 800 kg
    Motor Power 0.75 kw
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