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Stone Deck ovens

Functional Design

IDEAL deck ovens have different models for variable capacities and practices.


All models are ideal for baking on the tray or on the stone.

Hot gases generated from the combustion chamber of the oven, by assistance of the circulating fan, circulates through the air channels on and under the baking units and heats the decks of the oven. Special circulation system offers homogenous heat distribution across all decks and steady baking atmosphere provides high quality and uniform baking. Steam generators produce enough steam generation for each deck.  Different products can be baked simultaneously by virtue of separate steam generators for each chamber. Superior insulation retains heat and saves energy.


Common and the most important characteristics of bakery ovens are homogenous baking by means of homogenous heat distribution, high volume steam generation-which is very important for high quality baking, energy saving, ease of use and qualified materials used in construction.

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