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Mobile Bakeries

To produce bread anywhere

​In Turkey , after the earthquake at August 17th 1999 , once again the vital importance of bread and water is better understood . Since we saw the difficulty of supply and distribution of bread to suffering people in these disasterous conditions , we produced the FIRST mobile bakery that time and in years we delivered many mobile bakeries working all over the world. In NATURAL DISASTERS , WARS , HUMAN SUPPORT WORKS the mobile bakery - already produce bread in healthy atmosphere even during moving , has high capacity and is healthy.

  • Economical production

  • Healthy and hygenic production

  • Location independent production

  • Short time production opportunity with less manpower

  • Own energy production

  • Fuel and water tanks required for production

  • Easy operation of machines

  • Opportunity to sell or give fresh bread anywhere

  • Project is tailor-made for requirements of the buyer

Mobile Bakeries are mainly special for : 

    - Army

    - Government

    - Municipalities

    - Aid organisations like WHO,Red Crescent,    Red Cross

    - Bakers for special purposes

    - Construction companies for build sides 

Mobile Bakery to used for bread baking in field conditions for armed forces, civil defense and emergency rescue services and humanitarian organizations. Big unit mounted on trailer or in 20 or 40 feet containers with or without integrated generator.

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