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Rotary ovens

High Performance

Bartech offers a broad range of rotary ovens designed to meet the diverse needs of the baking industry, accommodating various energy sources. Our product lineup includes models compatible with diesel, fuel oil, natural gas, LPG, and electricity. Additionally, we can custom-design solid fuel models upon special request, catering to our customers' unique requirements. This versatility ensures that businesses can select the optimal oven according to their energy preferences and available fuel types.

To accommodate different production volumes and spatial constraints, our ovens are available in models suitable for various baking tray sizes, offering flexibility in both wide and narrow designs. This allows bakers to efficiently utilize their space and meet their production needs, irrespective of their facility size.

The Bartech rotary oven collection ranges from models with a single rack capacity, ideal for small-scale operations, to models with a double rack capacity, suitable for businesses requiring high-volume production. This variety ensures that businesses can find an oven that matches their production volume requirements easily.

All our models are equipped with advanced technologies that optimize the baking process and ensure even heat distribution, resulting in perfect baking outcomes every time. Bartech ovens are designed to offer energy savings without compromising quality, helping to reduce operational costs.

The Bartech Service Center provides global support for the installation, maintenance, and repair of our ovens. We are committed to ensuring our customers benefit from the highest quality of Bartech excellence.

Bartech's range of rotary ovens is designed to offer flexibility, efficiency, and superior quality, contributing to the success of baking operations. Each oven is crafted to meet the most demanding requirements of bakers, ensuring unparalleled performance.

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Rotating Rack oven models

MAXI Rack oven

MAXI models

For higher capacities

Available for 1 trolley and 2 trolley models

Tray dimensions fit to 75*104 cm tray

MIDI models

For higher capacities

Available for 1 trolley models

Tray dimensions fit to 60*80 cm tray

GRAND MIDI Rotary rack oven
#rackoven #rotaryoven

MINI model

Available for 1 trolley models

Tray dimensions fit to 40*60 cm tray


Rotating trolley convectional oven

For 40*60 cm trays

10 shelves

ROTKON Rotating convection oven

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BARTECH and Bread and Machine

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Barmak bakery bread production line

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Bartech..işimi seviyorum

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Other Industrial Oven types in our Product range

Convection ovens

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Electric Deck ovens

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EL 20 series

EL 20D series

EL20D200 series

EL 10 series

EL 10D series

Engineering Sketch

Tunnel ovens

TFT Wire mesh based Tunnel ovens

TFG Granite stone based Tunnel ovens

TFS Steel plate based Tunnel ovens

Modern Digital Watch

Pizza conveyor ovens

For short baking times and high temperature


Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Drying ovens

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Engineering Sketch

Tailor made industrial ovens

Functional Design

Bespoke Engineering for Unmatched Performance

Our tailor-made industrial ovens are the result of extensive research, advanced engineering, and a deep understanding of the baking industry's evolving demands. Whether you're baking artisan bread, delicate pastries, or specialty products, our custom ovens ensure that your creations are baked to perfection every time.

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