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DIVOBAR weighs the dough loaded to its hopper by means of its own weight & vacuum generated by the piston movement across cylinder; and cuts the dough in the required weight without damaging it by rotation movement.

After mixing, dough loaded to the stainless steel hopper is molded by the polyamid piston in the cylinder made of hard chrome. Dough weighed by volumetric system is cut by half rotation movement of the cylinder and conveyed to the dough-rolling machine by means of a conveyor.

Different variations are available for weight ranges.

Also high capacity and high precision industrial models are available for different applications.



• Closed circuit lubrication system
• Stainless steel hopper
• Stainless steel covers
• Volumetric cutting principle
• Variable weight and capacity alternatives
• Precise cutting
• Different models for industrial production
• Precise spiral pressure on the main piston
• Easy and quick cleaning
• Ease of mobility with wheels


  •   BAR 10
    Dividing Weight 50-300 gr
      100-600 gr
      200-1000 gr

    1500 pcs/hr (for 1 pocket)            

    3000 pcs/hr (for double machine)

    Width 610 mm
    Depth 1350 mm
    Height 1540 mm
    Conveyor Width 200 mm
    Conveyor Depth 750 mm
    Conveyor Height 930 mm
    Motor Power 1.5 kw
    Weight 550 kg
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