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RONDOBAR Dough rounding machine rolls the dough coming from dividing machine, by means of clockwise rotating Teflonised aluminum conical and Teflon coated aluminum tracks.

Conical rounder gives spherical shape to the dough coming from divider and transfers it to the next processing machine.
Rounding starts by loading of dough on the carrying-rolling tracks.

Different variations are available for weigh ranges



• Stainless steel side panels and covers
• Teflon coated conic and tracks
• Flour dusting
• Variable weight alternatives
• Cylindrical conical rounding
• High precision machining between tracks and conic
• Different track dimensions according to weight ranges
• Air blowing fan
• Heating system (optional)
• Easily movable with on-wheel construction



• Oiling on cone
• Hot air blowing
• Exit band
• Complete stainless steel construction
• Industrial models


  •   BAR 20
    Rounding Weight 50-200gr.
      150-750 gr
      250-1000 gr
    Capacity 2500 pcs/hr
    Width 1000 mm
    Depth 1000 mm
    Height 1484.5 mm
    Weight 250 kg
    Motor Power 2,05 kw
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