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Modular SEMPATİK line conventional ovens are combinable with narrow electric deck ovens, fermentation unit or cooling chamber.


Heat circulation fan distributes the heat generated by the resistances homogenously to all across the baking zone. Products can be observed during baking process by glass door and halogen illumination system. Dual glazing and special design offers ease of cleaning of inner and outer glass. Full stainless steel construction and Excellent energy saving by the superior insulation.


Designed especially for hot sales points, pasty shops, restaurants, hotels and baking houses for small scale pasty, for buns, sandwich, filled pastry, bread etc. baking.


Except for without base models, these ovens are user-friendly due to portability features and rotation ability. Optionally cooling chamber and/or fermentation cabinet is possible to combine with.

  • Ideal baking technology for fresh, semi-baked and frozen products
  • Esthetic and ergonomic design
  • 5-6 / 10-12 trays
  • Suitable for baking points
  • Water spraying or steam system (optional)
  • Different fan speeds, temperature and time controls
  • Preheating system
  • Quick heating
  • Ease of cleaning
  • High temperature resistant glass lid
  • Except for countertop models, other models are wheeled and easily portable
  • Digital control panel Special aspiration hood
  • Full stainless steel Ease of opening and cleanable glass doors
  • High temperature baking options
  • Combinable with EL 11-EL 12 models.
  • Ease of use and control Digital control panel

SEMPATIK C2 Convectional oven

  •   C2
    Number of Trays 10
    Tray Dimensions 400x600 mm
    Width 850 mm
    Depth 1360 mm
    Oven Height  965 mm
    Hood Height 197 mm
    Cooling Rack Height 523 mm
    Proofing Height 765 mm
    Electric Power 18 kW
    Control Type Touch, Electronic Card
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