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SMART line Pastry ovens offer genuine modular design. Different sizes and deck quantities are available.  These ovens can be used as single decked; optionally, hood, additional deck, cooling chamber and fermentation cabinet can be attached.


All models are suitable for baking on the tray or direct on Stone.


Each deck works separately. Each deck has a separate steam generator and control panel. Base and roof temperatures and steam times are adjustable separately for each deck via control panel. This feature offers baking of different products at the same time at different deck. Stone base decks distribute heat homogenously. Superior insulation offers heat retain and energy saving.


Except for countertop ones, these ovens are user-friendly due to ratability and portability features.


Optionally at the bottom of oven ,cooling chamber and/or fermentation cabinet can be added.
Products can be observed during baking process through glass doors and halogen illumination system




  • Ideal for all sorts of baking
  • Seperate heat and time controls for each deck
  • Steam production for each deck
  • Separately controllable base-roof temperature
  • Steam aspiration hood
  • Products can be baked on the Stone or trays
  • Stainless steel front side, covers and hood
  • Long fiber Rock wool for minimum heat loss
  • Steam-proof
  • Ease of opening and cleanable cover plates
  • Double glazing doors
  • High temperature baking option
  • Narrow type EL 11-EL 12 models can be combined with convectional oven
  • Ease of use and control
  • Digital control panel


Different colour
  •   EL 22
    Number of Decks 2
    Baking Area 2.04 m2
    Tray Capacity 8*(400x600 mm) 4*(600x800 mm)  
    Width 1540 mm
    Depth 1660 mm
    Height 1540 mm
    Single Chamber Height 295 mm
    Proofing Height 640 mm
    Weight 500 kg
    Electric Power 22.2 kW
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