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  • High performance for all sorts of baking 
  • Excellent and homogenous baking for all basis weights
  • High steam capacity
  • High productivity and expansive heater for energy saving
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber, baking chassis, hood, front and outer doors
  • Complete sealed door circumference
  • Ease of use and control
  • Digital control panel
  • Compatible with diesel fuel, natural gas, LPG and electricity as energy source
  • Alert warning system for baked product

TURBO MINI Rotating table Rack oven

  •   MINI
    Tray Dimensions 400x600 mm
    Quantity of Trays 13
    Baking Area 3,1 m2
    Width 1385 mm
    Depth 1985 mm
    Height 2000 mm
    Total Power  1.3 kW
    For Electric Oven 39 kW
    Weight 900 kg
    Daily Capacity ( 250 gr - 8 hr) 1250


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