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Your ideas into Projects

Your Projects into Realities  


Solution partner for your projects


Everything for a Baker

For Artisan Bread producers

Wide range of products with different alternatives for a Bakery. 

Ovens, Mixers, Dough machines, Fermentation units

industrial plants

Top Notch Services

Industrial bakeries need know how, experience, technology , process information and consultancy 

Right address for your Industrial investments

Automatic Production Lines

Semi-automatic Production Lines


Making Your Company Stand Out

Bakeries increase the good smell attracting the people to your store.

we know what you are doing.

We can handle your bread works for you.


Partnership That Lasts

Hotels, restaurant, coffees and also specifically Pizza, lahmacun, pide restaurants prefer us for




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About us

From wheat to packing of bread, we  offer you turn key projects including all processes from design to machinery production.

Being a solution partner of you, we are dedicated on establishing full or semi-automatic line for artisan type or large volume bakery production.

Having high experience in bakery machine sector, we understand your demand, find out your needs and propose you the best solution with the most efficient and suitable machinery concept.

BARMAK BARUTÇUOĞLU Food Machinery & Tech Co. also provides you installation, production assistance and service after sales.

We have solutions for;
Turn-key Automatic & Semi-automatic Bread Production lines

Flour Silo Sytems

Dough Mixing

Dough Processing

Fermentation Units


Flour factories

Special projects as Mobile bakeries